Here are the Upcoming EXPO 2017 PLATINUM WORKSHOPS   


Sorry, this clinic is FULL Waterfront Modeling Doug Foscale A1 8AM Thursday

Build a mini waterfront scene with Doug Foscale of Fos Scale Models learn how to make a realistic harbor or river shoreline at low tide, including a seawall, drain pipe, rock work , pilings, pier, low tide flats and murky water. Materials provided . Bring your standard tools and brushes to participate.

Sorry, this clinic is FULL Build a Kit / Part 1- w/ Rob Seckler B1 8AM Thursday

Rob shows you step by step to build a basic craftsman kit, from wall bracing and painting, to windows and details, to roofing. By the end of the clinic, you’ll be ready to build your own craftsman kit. Small kit provided. Bring standard modeling tools and brushes.

Sorry, this clinic is FULL Realistic Scenery - Jim Elster A2 11AM Thursday

Jim Elster, the owner of Scenic Express shows you highly effective techniques using the latest and most realistic materials. Materials provided. Bring your standard tools and brushes to participate.

Sorry, this clinic is FULL Advanced Water Making Techniques - Bill Obenauf B2 11AM Thursday
Award winning modeler Bill Obenauf takes you through the steps to create realistic water with depth using Envirotex. You’ll build your own scene, properly color a water base and pour resin as water. Materials provided. Bring your standard tools and brushes to participate.
Sorry, this clinic is FULL Signage with Doug Foscale A3 3PM Thursday
Learn how to build and model different signage for your scale models with Doug Foscale of Fos Scale Models. Build a roof top billboard, add a large wall stencil, color mural advertising…sign making materials provided. Bring your standard tools to participate.
Build a Kit / Light a Kit / Part 2 - Bill Sartore of Microlumina B3 3PM Thursday

Bill will show you simple methods for adding lighting to your structures, lighting effects and hands-on soldering. Lighting your models raises your model to another level of realism using LED lights. Whether you’re continuing with the model from Rob Seckler’s Build a Kit clinic or just jumping in, this clinic will give you the confidence to do a great job on your lighting project. LEDs, materials and Tootsie Rolls are provided. Bring basic tools, soldering iron and solder. A limited number of soldering irons will be available.

Jon Addison Building Structures with Pastel Paper A4 6PM Thursday
Jon Will show you how to build quality structures using pastel paper as your planking material. You will learn how to mix colors, paint and weather the paper. How to cut it and apply it. How to do final weathering and even add nail holes if you wish. And you will get a structure to take home with you. Jon will primarily be building in HO, but if you wish to have an O structure to build it can be arranged with advanced notice. You will have a chance to finish most of the structure before the workshop is over.  
Build a Kit / Scenic a Kit / Part 3 - Hal Reynolds B4 6PM Thursday

In this clinic attendees will take their built structure with the lighting added finished the diorama. Hal will demonstrate his techniques for adding scenery and details to your model. A scenery base and Scenic Express scenic materials and detail casting will be provided. Please bring your favorite tools and brushes to work with.

Building a 30' scale Truss Bridge - Rick & Maureen Hunter 6PM Friday

A very special 4-hour clinic. Join Maureen and Rick from Hunterline, as they take you through, step by step instructions, to build your own Hunterline 30’ King Post Truss Bridge in your scale (N, HO, S, O, including all the Narrow Gauge scales). Skills you will learn: read templates and instructions, distressing basswood, staining and gluing techniques, assembly, drilling for rods, NBW installing, finish weathering techniques. This is a beginner to intermediate difficulty. Old pros can learn a few things too! Includes the kit and two bottles (8oz) of our Weathering Mix – a base colour and our Creosote Black as a highlight colour. 

Jon Addison Building a Swamp Scene 6PM Friday
Jon will walk you through the process and you get a small diorama that you can take home with you when you're done. You will learn how to build cattails, lily pads and other Swamp detailing. You Will learn how to color your water effectively creating the illusion of depth. Finally you will finish your water off without using resin ! And it will look like real water in a real swamp when you're done.

Friday & Saturday - STANDARD CLINICS LIST (Subject to changes / Substitutions) MORE TO COME!

Scratch-building Board-by-board, and More by Mike Engler Mike will show you several ways of scratch-building structures using board-on-board construction, and help you to develop some new modeling skills. How to make forms and jigs for framing. You will receive tips and learn what tools to use for graining and detailing strip wood; staining methods and materials using acrylic washes and rubbing alcohol and India inks. You will learn multiple methods to achieve effects like aged peeling paint, rust, and other weathering tricks. The great nail-hole controversy. How to “paint” signs on wooden buildings. How to represent and weather several roofing types, and what materials and decorating materials to use. Window treatment choices. And some great adhesives available that you may not have considered using.  

Latest Techniques for Static Grass with Jim Elster - discover the best and newest ways to create realistic grassy areas on your layout and dioramas. It's easier than you think!  

Detailing with Dave Revelia Learn methods and techniques to create incredibly realistic details for your structure kits, dioramas and model railroad. Dave is the founder of the Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modeling and has elevated what fine scale modeling is with his dioramas and structure building. His detail techniques elevates them even further. 

Weathering with the Right Materials Doug Foscale of Fos Scale Models will show you some of the newest weathering products and how they are used to get realistic results. Discover easy ways to create rust, moss, algae, dust, corrosion and more. 

Realistic Water Made Easy with Jon Addison. Jon will walk attendees through various water methods using resins, caulking, matte medium gels and other materials. He'll go through methods mixing colors to create the illusion of depth and water colors. Jon will discuss various ways  of making realistic waterfalls and rapids and adding docks and boats and other details to your water feature.

Laser Cutting Technology Featuring Mr. Jeff Grove will explain todays technology from laser and software selection, to materials and their use in modeling.....suitable for the manufacturer, hobbyist, and scratchbuilder. Owning and using a laser is easier than you think.... 

Building Resin Vehicles. Dan Raymond will show his tips and techniques for building and painting 3 different versions of the Sylvan Scale Models Railway Express trucks.

3-D PRINTING & SCALE MODELING- Richard Brungard of Marsh Creek Miniatures shows you  what 3-D printing can do for your modeling from materials to methods, pros and cons and types of hardware and software. You’ll discover all the potential uses of 3-D printing for detail parts, automobiles, locomotive details, jigs and more.

Scratch Building Structures - Don Railton will discuss his methods and techniques for scratch building structures using common materials and simple tools. Included will be brick and stone from carved Styrofoam, siding from strip wood and detail parts from wood and Styrene. Don will also bring for display structures he has created that have won contest awards and have appeared in publications.

Improving Structure Kits Through Design - Doug Foscale - explore different ideas to creatively modify your structure kits or scratchbulds through architecture and design 

Using Old Postcard for Modeling Reference - Hal Reynolds - In this clinic Hal will explain how he uses a large collection of old postcards for reference to build structures, color structures and design scenes.Also old postcards provide great reference for building spacing and placement.

Rust Techniques for Your Scale Models - modeler Bob Mitchell shows you how to artfully rust your models using a variety of techniques and materials. 

Realistic Scenery Techniques with Joey Ricard - Joey of Trackside Scenery will show you his techniques for creating lush, life like trees, ground cover  and a variety of vegetation. If you’ve seen his Youtube videos or his display layout at the Expo, you know he does some of the best scenery around.

Structures & Details with Mike Baker -Mike of Nick & Nora Designs covers the preparation, research, paints, masking, decaling, sealing and final detail and assembly of models.  All types of structures will be discussed, including plastic kits, Wood & craftsman kits, metal kits and scratch built structures.   Also included will be techniques for metal siding/ roofing, aging & weathering walls and foundations.

Weathering Locomotives & Rolling Stock with Mike Baker Bring life to that roster of locomotives and rolling stock.  No piece of railroad equipment stay “factory Fresh” very long.  This clinic will explore the mediums, tools and techniques for weathering models.  It will also cover some prototypical references and examples to illustrate what works on well detailed models.

Backdrop Painting for Dummies By Dave Myers  - With apologies to Bob Ross, Gator Dave will take you through painting a detailed backdrop for your diorama, module or railroad layout step by step.  From blank substrate to sky color, clouds, mountains, trees and finishing touches, he’ll do a complete backdrop during the clinic.  You’ll be surprised just how easy it is!  A three page detailed printout will be included as well as a detailed list of all materials needed to paint your own backdrop.    

Gatorfoam…”What do I do with this stuff?”  By Dave Myers Gator Dave is back again with another Gatorfoam clinic.  Had enough yet? This time he’ll answer the many questions he receives at shows and online.  Step by step how to create concrete sidewalks, driveways, asphalt highways and bridges.  Mounting photo backdrops on Gatorfoam and also constructing a module, a diorama base, “I” beam structural support and a strong base for your backdrop kits.  Tech sheets on getting the most from your Gatorfoam will also be available.   

Creating Realistic Scenery - A relative new-comer to the hobby, Bill Obenauf is an award winning modeler and clinician. He'll share some ideas and techniques for creating scenery with an emphasis on eye-fooling realism. You'll learn the 4 essential components that can elevate your scenery from 'wow' to 'WOW!'  Plus, some tips for how to "see" scenery details in the real world.  Bill is a morning radio host from Davenport, Iowa and bears an uncanny resemblance to George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington.  Bring the wives!!

Art of Elevation - with Robert Seckler  learn how to to turn your plain, flat landscape into a more realistic setting by adding elevations to your model railroad. using simple methods, you can easily create high spots and low spots to create a more dynamic look to your scenery.

Creating Rockwork - Dave Kotsonis shows you his methods for carving realistic rock work into your modeler railroad scenery, right into setting plaster. Carving as opposed to using rock molds creates an original, non-repeating look. 

Craftsman Kit Development with Jeff Grove - Jeff Grove of Carolina Craftsman Kits shows you how he takes full size structures and transforms them into scaled models. Learn how to find the buildings you like and want , and compress them into scale structures.

Structure Lighting – Now with LESS theory! - Join Bill Sartore as he takes you step by step through the process of structure lighting. He’ll show you some of his techniques as well as methods used by others. Learn how to light anything from a plastic crossing shanty to one of those upscale craftsman kits you have squirreled away along with that bottle of lumpy driftwood paint. Face it, if you’ve got a structure with all kinds of intricate castings and details you NEED to throw some light onto them. Why not learn how to do this in a prototypical way? Lighting – it’s not that difficult and it’s easier to do than losing weight, building muscle or growing hair.  

Modeling Street Running - Ron Poidomani - The clinic will discuss techniques I use to simulate street running. The focus will be on materials used including numerous techniques to achieve a worn street with tracks buried in it. Some of the techniques discussed are: framing out the street, material used including application, washes, painting, dry brushing, how to create a worn road with patches and surrounding ground cover techniques. Participants will be provided with simple techniques to achieve quality realistic street running on their layouts or diorama.

Using The Hunterline Stains. A 45 minute clinic. with Maureen and Rick - Maureen and Rick will demonstrate many applications of Hunterline’s Weathering Mix. They will show applications for wood, plastics, hydrocal, foams and other mediums and how to achieve multiple colour surfaces. Lots of useful information in this popular clinic for any line of stains, but of course we recommend theirs!

Taking your model to the next level - Ron Poidomani The clinic is designed to discuss different techniques I use to include ways a model can stand out, concept of layering, lifting boards , mortar washes, washes, dry brushing using a sponge, and installing LEDs. The focus will be on craftsman style structures. I will also have photos of my recent structure using the techniques in the presentation.

EXPO Clinics & Clinicians are subject to updates, changes, and substitution.  * DENOTES